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Dr. Diego Maggio


1966 Vocation School Certificate , Italy.
1983 Secondary School Certificate, Universities of Manchester Liverpool Leeds Sheffield and Birmingham Department of education and Science, Liverpool.
1988 Sports Massage Therapy Certificate from the British Cycling Federation.
1992 D.O. at the Northern County School of Osteopathy, England

1994-1995 CranioSacral Therapy curriculum successfully completed:
CranioSacral Therapy I and II (CST 1 and 2), Edimburgh (Scotland)
SomatoEmotional Release III (SER 1) taught by Dr.John Upledger, Palm Beach (Florida)
SomatoEmotional Release IV (SER 2), Toronto (Canada)
Advanced I (ADV) taught by Dr. John Upledger, Singer island Palm beach (Florida)
1997-2000 Certified instructor for all levels(levels:CST 1- CST 2- SER 1 – SER 2- ADV 1)
2000 Registered with the General Osteopathic Council of Great Britain (Reg. No.3/3428/F)
2000-2002 Certified examiner for the CST certification program
Certified instructor of dolphin-assisted CST (Ap Bioaquatic)
2007 University Degree in Osteopathy obtained at Westminster University (London)
2007 Certified instructor in CranioSacral Therapy (Level TBS 1)
2010 Certified instructor in Craniosacral Therapy (Level ADV 2 )


Teacher of Martial Arts
Sport massage therapist for the British Cycling Federation
Sport massage therapist for the French Professional Cycling Team “Z” assigned to the World champion Greg Lemond
Osteopath of the Professional Cycling Team “Raliegh G.B.”
Osteopath providing ambulatory care at his office , Liverpool
Assistant to Dr. Upledger, Dublin (Ireland)
Assistant to Dr. Upledger, Palm Beach Gardens (Florida)
Yearly facilitator, staff of Chief Therapists of the Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens (Florida),
HealthPlex Clinic for Intensive Therapy
International teacher and lecturer at various medical facilities
2001 Adjunct professor, University of Palermo, Residency in Orthopaedics and Traumatology Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chair of Orthognathodontics and Orthodontics.
2004 Adjunt professor, “Magna Graecia” University of Catanzaro, teacher of CranioSacral Therapy Within the framework of the “Level I” Master in Clinical Posturology
2005 Adjunct professor, Institute of Ostheopatic Medicine , Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Russia)
2006 Adjunct professor, teacher of Craniosacral therapy, C.R.N.sas Napoli
2008 Teacher of Post Graduate courses of I.S.O (Istituto superior di Osteopatia) Milano
2008 Teacher of Post Graduate courses of C.E.R.D.O (Centre pour l’Etude , la Recherche et la Diffusion Osteopathiques)- Roma
2011 Legal Representative of Upledeger Italia Institute
2012 Master teaching –University of Our Lady of Good Counsel –Tirana (Albania) 2013 Master teaching – Department of the Hospital- Pulmonology – Trieste
2013 Chairman and Director of Upledger Italia Association- Craniosacral Academy Trieste (Italy).


1989 Member of the British Federation of Sport Therapist
1996 Partner of National Back Pain association
1996 Founder of Upledger Italy Association
2006 Chairman and director of Associazione Cranio Sacrale FVG
2007 Member of Regional Committee of professions not belonging to Orders or Colleges